Prank drunk people while they’re sleeping

It’s an easy way to prank your drunk friend while he’s asleep, it is mandatory to put the dog toy in is hand though!

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As you might have noticed, we at Drunk People have added a new page to the top menu, where you can send in pictures, videos and what not of funny drunk people. In fact, you can send in anything funny that has to do with drunk people, beer or liquor! We will check out your [...]

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Beer body armor for drunks

Beer body armor

Are you drunk, and have you gotten into a bar fight? You don’t have to worry, as long as you have some good body armor, preferably made of cardboard beer boxes. Actually, it might not actually help you, but it sure will impress your opponents!

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Putting on flip-flops is impossible for drunk people

Everything is hard when you’re drunk. Seeminly simple tasks like putting on your flip-flops are seemingly impossible for drunk people.

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Some drunk people are survival experts

Drunk people sleeping

Incredible. These drunk people knew how to survive all night with just two shopping carts and a couple of beers at their disposal. They are true survival experts.

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