Drunk girl fell asleep on the toilet

Drunk girl trying to figure out what's in the bucket

This drunk girl is just trying to figure out what’s at the bottom of the bucket.

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Grandma is helping the drunk

Drunk guy being carried around town

Even drunk people sometimes have to go somewhere, and walking isn’t walways the best idea.

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When you’re drunk, you’re drunk

Drunk guy falling from fence

When you’re drunk, there’s no reason not to relax and lay back in the bushes.

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Prevent a hangover after a night of drunkness

Drunk guy pranked with food

Is your friend prone to having a hangover after a night’s drinking? Help him out! There is no better way to prevent a hangover than eating fruit.

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Great prank for drunk people

Drunk guy wrapped in bubblewrap

This prank which you can pull on drunk people also works very well with bubblewrap.

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